New Year New You – Take the 20-minute 20v Challenge

New Year New You – Take the 20-minute 20v Challenge

When starting the new year, we often look for improvements in our fitness journey. Even if you have not started yet it may be daunting either way so start today or work towards the improvements and new goals going into the new year.

Before you start – pick a goal to work towards so that this may help drive you and remind you when you have those moments of discouragement. Let us not forget our day-to day challenges whether it be time constraint, struggles of reoccurring injuries, fear of being exposed to new environments, body conscious and lack of determination.

When joining a 20v membership, the support and encouragement does not stop at the sign of the membership. The moment you make the first contact with the team, you are guided on the path to a stronger, healthier you. Every session is accompanied with a qualified Personal Trainer that will motivate you and give you the knowledge and understanding to reaching your goals.

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

It is vital to ensure you have the right plan in place when starting a new fitness venture. The benefits of having a Personal Trainer:

– Having a strategy for your goal and how you are going to complete them.

– Keeping a record of your progress and weekly affirmations executed by your studio.

– Ensuring your goal is achievable and attainable.

– Make sure your goal is realistic

– Setting a time frame on achieving your goals and holding you responsible to get to the sessions. Each session would take around 30 minutes this includes suit up, train, suit down and back to your day.

The environment that you will be training in at 20v will be suited and regulated to you regardless of your fitness levels. Each session is orchestrated by your studio to align session towards your goal, you may even include a training buddy.

EMS has been commercially traded since 2007 and has been scientifically [i]proven that it would assist in accomplishing your goal. Your training will be customized to your ability to ensure injury prevention is always regarded; recent studies have shown that 41% of conventional gym members have been injured whilst working out

 When transitioning into a bold challenge and starting at 20v you will challenge your own forms of fitness and might even surprise yourself with your hidden abilities and potential. There is no golden rule to how often you should be changing your training routine, however, it always comes highly recommended to find a routine first and stick with it for at least 6 – 8 weeks. From there, you are able to progressively increase the intensity as your fitness level increases. Show up & suit up. Take the 20v challenge and let us work together to create a fitter stronger you.


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