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The 20v Workout

The machine sends small electrical impulses to your suit 16 electrodes placed around 8 major muscle groups, contracts 90% of the bodies muscles Undergarments hold moisture against your body to increase conductivity German engineered technology around since 2006 Bar for balance support Increase your levels as your fitness improves Can target muscle groups individually Impulses are set to 4 second on 4 second off for 20 minutes
Improves cardiovascular Increase muscle mass Releases endorphins Increases weight loss Improves athlete performance Tighten pelvic floor muscles 20 minutes of your time, worth 4 hours at a gym Scientifically proven to reduce back pain


20 minutes with 20v is equivalent to 4 hours at a traditional gym.

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Build muscle & reduce fat with low intensity, non-weight bearingexercise.


Scientifically proven to reduce pain and assist with rehabilitation.

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20v has a wide range of training options available. From casual sessions, club memberships, and on-the-go training, we have something for everyone and an answer to every excuse.

About 20v

20v is an Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) studio that combines powerful technology with an efficient workout routine to give you maximum results. Using mild electrical pulses to increase your muscle contraction, you will get a 4-hour gym workout done in 20 minutes with 20v.

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Want to know more about what EMS is, how it works and how it will help you? Contact us and one of our experienced trainers will take you through all the ins and outs of EMS training and why it is so efficient.


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