How Do Busy People Stay Fit? They Use EMS – The Ultimate Workout Hack!

If time equals money, then the ultimate time hack is efficiency! So what’s more efficient than fitting a 4-hour gym session into 20 minutes?…

EMS is THE ultimate time hack

And it’s a workout hack that our 20v studios are very happy to share. Where have we been all your lives? We’ve been here, utilising the Miha Bodytec Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) technology to transform our client’s workout game in 20 minutes. Start the clock! 

What is this magic?

The innovative EMS technology mimics the body’s naturally occurring 85Hz electrical impulse signals which travel through the central nervous system to contract our muscles and perform everyday movements.

Every muscle group of the body that is in contact with the impulse will contract 85 times per second of impulses received. That is equivalent to 51 000 contractions in just 20-minutes, making EMS undoubtedly the most efficient way to exercise.

EMS stimulates your muscles to their maximum potential

The simultaneous muscle activations contract up to 90% of your body’s muscles, a result that traditional workouts alone cannot attain. Our padded bodysuits reach the smaller stabilising muscle fibres that are harder to activate without increased risk of injury or extended gym time. For this reason, it is also highly effective in strengthening the pelvic floor!

Everyone can receive the full-body benefits of EMS

The low impact and non-weight-bearing workout is a proven rehabilitation technique that complements individual fitness levels. As you gain muscle mass, you will also optimise weight loss, improve cardiovascular health, build endurance and agility. As you enhance your athletic performance, you will maximise results from traditional workouts, and alleviate body pains, strengthen your core and shorten active recovery time.

So why skip lunch when you can eat AND work out within the hour?

The convenience of the 20v EMS workout means not compromising on a busy schedule. A 20-minute session allows you to pick up the kids from school or duck out, hulk out, and make it back in time for a business meeting.

We’ll even leave you with a good rush of mood-elevating endorphins to take back to work with you!

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Let’s do this!