Can you buy back time? Take the 20v EMS challenge!

The answer is YES, and we are as serious about it as you are about a 4-day work week!

Elevate your workout with the 20v Challenge by adding innovative Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) technology to your fitness training. In a 20-minute session, you’ll achieve the equivalent of a 4-hour weights session or a 90 minute HIIT workout.

We’re challenging you to buy back time!

You may have heard rumblings about the highly publicised benefits of EMS, earning praise from runway goddesses turned mumtrepreneurs like Chrissy Teigan, Ashley Graham, and pro athletes Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, alike, and now, we hope you!

EMS optimises weight loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance while saving clients the precious commodity of time(4 hours of gym time to be exact)! By simulating the electrical impulses that fire through the body’s central nervous system, EMS enhances muscular contractions more effectively than traditional workouts alone.

Gain back QUALITY time

Time-efficient workouts aside, physical development is something we navigate through a lifetime of dedication, hours of training, unpredictable results, and unforeseen injuries.

By transforming the process, you gain back the time and energy to maintain a fully balanced lifestyle, practise active recovery, and confidently attain maximum performance and the numerous health benefits of EMS. 

And there are many!

Weight loss and more additional calories burned overall

Boosted metabolic rate 72hrs after a session

Raised athletic performance

Minimised recovery time


Cohesive activation of 300 muscle fibres  

Increased muscle mass and full-body strength

Increased agility and widened range of motion

Improvements in cardiovascular health

Strengthened pelvic floor

Scientifically proven results

Injury rehabilitation

Reduction in lower back pain

A release of endorphins!

Our team of EMS experts will be with you all the way

An EMS session involves utilising a padded bodysuit and performing a series of approved, low-impact, non-weight-bearing movements to activate a full range of muscle groups. Join a 2-1 personal training session led in the studio by our team of specialised EMS trainers to guide your individual fitness requirements.

From entering the door to leaving the studio, the whole process takes 30 minutes to complete!

So do you have 20 minutes?

Jump in and take the challenge with us, book your free trial and watch your fitness journey transform. Add a myriad of EMS physical health benefits to your life and buy back your time!

 Let’s make every minute count!