Put the 20v EMS Challenge into your 2022 Fitness Goals!

Your fitness journey may just be gaining momentum after a year of false starts and lengthy lockdowns, but there is still one way you can innovate your workout game in the New Year! 20v’s Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) training offers you fitness enhancement, injury therapy, and the support team to facilitate all of your fitness goals this year! Join our EMS challenge and uncover your full potential!

EMS is the full-body package!

Unlike the mixed results of traditional training, 20v uses innovative technology to maximise full-body muscle activation during your workout. The cutting-edge training technique has a decades-long reputation for aiding sports medicine to complement peak athletic performance, cutting down recovery time and training injuries. EMS effectively delivers the results of a 4hour gym workout in 20-minutes, with 90% muscle engagement. Through non-weight-bearing activities, the results include weight loss, muscle mass and extensive cardiovascular improvements.

One workout plan to conquer them all!

When starting a new fitness venture, it is vital to have a plan that accounts for all factors of your life. From time constraints, struggles to attain muscle mass, recurring injuries, body consciousness, or even loss of determination.

An EMS plan with 20v Studios offers you:

– A client-tailored strategy for your goals

– Achievable 20-minute sessions that keep you motivated

– Records of progress, meal plans, and weekly affirmations

– Ongoing support from our EMS specialists! 

Meet your 20v Dream Team

When joining a 20v membership, the support and encouragement start from your first contact with the team, as we guide you to a stronger, healthier you. Each session is conducted by a qualified personal trainer who will equip you with the knowledge and technique to transform your EMS journey into your wildest fitness dreams!

Less injury, more rewards!

Recent studies have shown that 41% of conventional gym members have incurred work-out-related injuries, resulting in unnecessary setbacks. EMS is scientifically proven and FDA-approved to assist in fitness goals by using low-impact movements at a pace to suit any fitness level. It’s easy on joints and commonly used to alleviate back pain.

Uncover your hidden potential!

With the activation of muscle groups you’ve never dreamed of, you have no idea what you can accomplish! Challenge your full-body fitness by building up your best foundation! And then watch yourself soar to meet your toughest goals!

Start your New Year with 20V!