How 20v / EMS Can Benefit Your Golf Game

Tommy Armour once said, “Golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result.”

If golf is a set of awkward bodily contortions, then Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) is the streamlining force behind your swing that you never knew was missing! The electrical impulse technology will improve your golf game in as little as two sessions, help you stay in shape- especially during the offseason, prevent injury and enhance your overall performance, all in 20-minutes! 

EMS is pro-golfer approved!

Pro of pros Phil Mickelson credits EMS for maintaining the agile swing mechanics of his youth, continuing momentum into his later seasons, and he’s not the only one using the secret weapon! 20v studios utilises the German-based Miha Bodytec technology, which found a home in the training schedules of golfers after players reported an instant improvement in ball speed of up to 10mph, shorter warmup/recovery time, and faster efficiency in reaching optimum swing speed!

For pro-golfers and weekend-pros alike, the pursuit for that elusive swing speed comes from a combination of countless hours of perfecting one’s technique and not moving too awkwardly to aggravate your accumulating golf injuries. All while maintaining a surprising amount of physical fitness and agility.

Don’t compromise on your long walks across the fairway!

EMS technology delivers a 4-hour gym workout within 20-minutes, developing the essential core and back strength that often inhibits your game! By activating all muscular groups, you will overcome latency issues from overcompensating muscles, gain arm strength, activated core, glutes, and quads to complete that graceful follow-through of the body into your swing.

Your best performance-enhancer is injury prevention

EMS combats common golf injuries to the rotator cuff, ligament sprains, and postural and lower/mid back pain, which result from poor posture, lack of core strength, and unactivated stabilising muscles that often don’t engage during traditional training. Through small electrical compulsions, 90% of the body’s muscles are activated, resulting in the accumulated corrective benefits of streamlined muscular gain.

The workout itself consists of low-impact, non-weight-bearing movements executed during a personal training session with one of 20v’s EMS experts and promises minimal downtime so you can get back to the range ASAP!

If you’re ready to see where EMS can take you and your golf game, get in contact with your nearest 20v studio and book a free trial with us! You’ll be one swing closer to greatness!