It’s a fact, no one has time during a busy day to spend hours in the gym trying to reach your goals and seemingly falling short with every attempt we make. Whether it is from being a busy mom running the kids around and doing chores to keep the family home running – to being a businessperson with meeting after meeting and not having a minute to yourself to focus on your well-being.

Finding the time has just become more and more challenging as everyday feels so fast-paced.

Who is 20v for?

Special attention has gone into the development of programs to ensure that everyone who is medically cleared and healthy can part-take in 20v sessions. With our qualified 20v Personal Trainers assisting your during every session, all sessions can be tailored to your goals and needs. Whether you are training to build lean muscle mass, or improve in your range of motion and mobility, your 20v session will be as unique as you are. 20v caters for all ages and members can start from as young as 18 years of age.

20v uses EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) technology that can be used as an injury preventative method, whereby you can strengthen the hard-to-reach muscles, and stabilizers to ensure that your body is capable for everyday activities.

Science behind 20v!

20v uses the latest technology in whole-body EMS and allows us to reach your full potential whilst performing a high intensity strength workout. Small electrical impulses bypass your central nervous system and stimulates your muscles directly, allowing you to work at a maximum effort level.

Research has shown benefits in the following:

  • Increased Strength
  • Increase endurance levels
  • Improved speed and agility
  • Improvements in power outputs
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved posture and core strength

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