Put the 20v EMS Challenge into your 2022 Fitness Goals!

Your fitness journey may just be gaining momentum after a year of false starts and lengthy lockdowns, but there is still one way you can innovate your workout game in the New Year! 20v’s Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) training offers you fitness enhancement, injury therapy, and the support team to facilitate all of your fitness goals […]

How Do Busy People Stay Fit? They Use EMS – The Ultimate Workout Hack!

If time equals money, then the ultimate time hack is efficiency! So what’s more efficient than fitting a 4-hour gym session into 20 minutes?… EMS is THE ultimate time hack And it’s a workout hack that our 20v studios are very happy to share. Where have we been all your lives? We’ve been here, utilising […]

20v, 20 Minutes!

It’s a fact, no one has time during a busy day to spend hours in the gym trying to reach your goals and seemingly falling short with every attempt we make. Whether it is from being a busy mom running the kids around and doing chores to keep the family home running – to being […]