How 20v / EMS Can Benefit Your Golf Game

Tommy Armour once said, “Golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result.” If golf is a set of awkward bodily contortions, then Electro Muscular Stimulation(EMS) is the streamlining force behind your swing that you never knew was missing! The electrical impulse technology will improve your golf game in as […]

Say No to Kegels, and Yes to Whole-Body EMS Training

If your doctor or physio has told you to start doing Kegel exercises, you’re in the same boat as many other women and men. Kegel exercises are a popular way to increase the strength of your pelvic floor, which can help reduce incontinence by tightening up the muscles that keep your organs in place. For […]

The Effects of Whole-Body EMS on Reducing Lower Back Pain

Whole-body EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is quickly becoming popular as a time-efficient type of training that can cut down on hours at the gym while still giving you the benefits of traditional exercise. A 20-minute EMS session can improve your muscle structure and strength to roughly the same extent as four hours of weight training. […]

COVID-19 Important Information

We have had to temporarily close all 20v Studios until further notice due to recent Government requirements. We thank you for your support studio and the members of our team while we go through this period of uncertainty. Our mission is to create a healthier and stronger Australia, and we care greatly about each of […]