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Become an EMS Trainer

EMS Trainer Certificate

Becoming an EMS trainer opens a range of doors for your career. With over 6000 EMS studios across Europe, EMS is a new fitness trend that is here to stay. Fitness Australia predict 200 studios opening this year alone. There will be many EMS trainer roles being created, and this certificate will put you at the top of the pile. It's also a must for working with 20v in our studios, or even owning your own 20v license studio.

EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) uses small electrical pulses to improve muscle strength. The technology stems from physiotherapy and rehabilitation, being commercialised in 2006 the technology has now been tried and tested. EMS improves how your muscles work together and increase the intensity of your muscle contractions, giving you the equivalent of 4 hours of training in a traditional gym in just 20 minutes. EMS is scientifically proven to improve back pain, increase athlete performance, reduce body fat and more.

The course covers all aspects of EMS training and you will be a full certified EMS trainer at the end of the course.

Total Units – 7

Study Method – 2 day in person attendance both theoretical and practical

Assessments – Written and practical assessment

The contents of the course include:
– Introduction of EMS
– Physiological effects of EMS
– Understanding an EMS Device
– Contradictions and Safety
– Key Components to a Beginners Session
– Periodisation Training

All theory and practice will be in a 20v studio. Check locations to find the closest one.

This certification will be taught over a full two days, including theory and practical components throughout content. Ending with a theoretical and practical exam to be completed to become a certified EMS trainer.

Total cost of $1999.

You need to be 16 years old and older, and have a certificate in personal training.